Episode 8
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Mar 23, 2013

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Episode 7


Episode 9


The Witch pokes her head into a cave shouting 'Nigel'. There are some slimes in there which reply together "How did you fix the Minetrack?" The Witch then introuduces Nigel to Phil and Lyle. The Witch is trying to flirt with Nigel when Phil tells her to tell them the real reason they are down here but she does not do so so Phil tells Nigel about the Monster.

Cooper is watching Marcus pick pick pick dropping when Cameron teleports back who is moaning because Cooper didn't watch his house. Cooper tries to tell Cameron about Marcus down the hole so Cameron tells Marcus to dig forwards. Marcus does so and then finds some coal which he thinks is poop. Cameron then admits his plan isn't gonna work.

Phil finishs telling Nigel about the Monster who says it has happened before. He asks them if his is wearing any shiny clothes (Armour). Nigel tells them to take the smallest Nigel to where the Creature dwells.

Marcus diggs into a cave where he sees a skeleton which he thinks is Phil.

Youtube's summaryEdit

The Witch take Steve and Lyle to meet a Slime. Cameron and Cooper try to figure out what to do with Marcus stuck down a hole.

Quotes from this episodeEdit

  • "Lets get NAKED!"- The Witch
  • "We are all Nigel"- Nigel
  • "He's touching poop Cameron."- Cooper
  • "I found some poop. I'm gonna keep the poop."- Marcus
  • "This has happened before?- Phil



The Witch






Unnamed Skeleton


Nigel's cave.

Mob Squad cave

Unnamed Skeleton's cave


Coming soon!


  • At the beggining of the episode we see an arrow in the forrest perhaps pointing to where the camera is suposed to land.

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